Sibling Jealousy

Sibling jealousy doesn’t always occur but on the odd occasion bringing a second child into the home when your other child has been used to having mummy and daddy all to themselves, can be upsetting. This is where careful preparation takes place right away from when you find out you are pregnant.

You need to prepare your child to all the little things; talk about your tummy and the growing baby, preparing the nursery, buying new clothes, scan visits even down to allowing your child to rub some cream into your growing bump and feeling the kicks – all this will help prepare the older child for the new arrival.

If you would like some guidance on what you should try and do in preparation then please contact us.

We also offer a service where we will come to your home/hospital and stay with you for a couple of days to help you with your toddler and make suggestions to help you should any jealousy issue arise. We will also teach you effective ways in which your child can be a great help to you with your new baby.

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