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I have been guiding parents with babies & toddler sleep, and settling issues for the past 35 years.

As a mother myself, and having two children who never slept or settled without being rocked or fed, it was a passion of mine to help others in the same situation and to find gentle methods to help them guide their babies to settle independently.

I trained as a maternity nurse and sleep consultant many years ago and have now consulted and guided well over 1000 babies.

I am able to offer sleep guidance for 0-5 years.

Who better than a baby care expert to help you find peace of mind and a happy sleeping baby. Your nights sleep is just a call away.

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" We have twin boys who are 5 and 1/2 months. We contacted Deearna to help with routine, feeding and sleep. I was feeling broken, exhausted and in need of help and guidance. I can honestly say I was amazed at the difference she made and the stuff I learnt from her within the 4 hrs of being with me and the boys. Deearna is a calming influence and makes you feel confident enough to tackle routines and learn how to read your babies. She left having helped me push the boys on to a 4 hr routine, sleep in the afternoon upstairs in their cot for nearly 2 hours and be down by 7 this evening with no screams or dramas - I feel revitalized! "


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Do you find you are struggling to sleep?
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A few facts you may not be aware of:

1. Sleep is a learnt behaviour and not a given. If you start out by rocking your baby to sleep, your baby will associate this with sleep and will continually expect this process. It is much more beneficial to adopt other gentle methods to help guide your baby to sleep independently without any associations.

Think of your back and posture in the early days when your baby is tiny. You won’t notice this so much in the early days, however as your baby starts to gain weight you may start to notice that you have developed some joint pain.

2. Babies naturally make noises in their sleep; they grunt, groan, root, fidget, little cry outs, pass wind all sorts this is totally normal. What we tend to do as parents in the early days is immediately attend and assume our baby is waking for a feed, this isn’t always the case, babies will have between 0-6 partial wake ups a night. Exactly as I have stated this is a partial wake up, just like many adults have just enough to get comfy again. When this occurs I suggest you just wait and see what your baby will naturally do, you will know if your baby is going to resettle or not, or if a feed is due.

3. Babies have many sleep cycles, it isn’t always the case that once asleep they will remain fully asleep.

Babies will go through the following:-
Drowsy stage
Light/REM sleep

Lots of eyes flickering, very light sleep. If your baby is quiet at this stage try not to intervene, move and maybe re-swaddle, we don’t want your baby disturbed during this period otherwise your baby may become alert at the wrong stage and then find it difficult to resettle.

Brief awakening

In that he/she may do a couple of small cry outs, this is all fine.

Deep sleep


You may then find your baby returns to a light sleep, another brief awakening and so the process starts again. You should find comfort knowing this is a normal cycle and that brief awakenings will, and do happen. Try to realize that a noise or a little cry doesn't always mean an immediate need, after all your baby will probably not even know he/she has done this.

" I asked Deearna for a week’s help with my 11 month baby whose sleep seemed to be getting worse and worse. Deearna gave me lots of advice and support at any time, day and night! After a week my baby went 10 hours through the night, something I thought was impossible! Thanks for getting me through this Deearna and for the free extra days. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs sleep support with little ones. "

Priya - 11 month old

"I have triplet girls who are 2 years old and are complete nightmares, I have tried many techniques and sleep trainers advice and nothing has worked. I was then recommended Deearna. Deearna came to my home in the afternoon and spent 12 hours with us.Deearna picked up immediately what the problem was and what we needed to do.The girls apart from a couple of moans slept the whole night, we didnt ! we kept waiting for the usual games to start. To encourage and reassure us that we could do this on our own Deearna came back the next night FREE to NOT watch us but to simply be downstairs if we needed her. WE DIDNT WE DID IT . I now have 3 little girls who go to bed at 7.30 and then wake up between 6-8, We now never have less than 10 hours sleep a night. Deearna is discreet,non judgmental,professional,immensely calming to have around,she is a complete breath of fresh air to anyone who is privileged to meet her.Deearna is a true baby whisperer."

Tanya Curlings

What is baby sleep like when they are born

Newborn babies sleep an average of 16 to 18 hours each day, but this varies from baby to baby. Your baby won't have any set pattern of sleeping, and will wake every 2 to 4 hours day and night for feeds during the first few weeks. This is because they've yet to develop their circadian rhythm and as your baby's stomach is so tiny and he will need frequent feeds to keep hunger at bay. You will probably be up at least twice a night so expect to have some sleepless nights in the first few weeks after your baby is born. This phase is necessary for your baby and won't last forever although it may feel never ending when you are sleep deprived.

Circadian rhythm: Biological clock our natural biological clock has certain peak times where it will naturally want to prepare the body for sleep.

Interesting fact: As an adult do you find that during 15.00-16.30 you sometimes feel like you could easily have an afternoon nap?

So why is this?

Our natural biological clock between these hours takes a natural slump. We begin to feel less focused and less alert, and then have this enormous energy surge which takes us through to the evening.

So how does this compare to babies?

Babies, toddlers and adult sleep is totally different. However what is known is that between 15.00-19.00 babies experience an unsettled period often due to trying to regulate their own internal biological clock.

Babies sleep cycles are much shorter than an adults and they will spend a lot of time in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is a light phase of sleep and your baby will be easily disturbed, but during this time there are a lot of necessary changes happening in their brain. Once your baby is 6 to 8 weeks old they will probably sleep for shorter periods during the day and longer spells at night although he will still wake up for feeds during the night. During this time your baby will have more deep sleep and less REM sleep.

Some babies will sleep through the night at 8 weeks old, but it it more common that they will still wake at night for the first few months, and some can take around a year to achieve this. Sleep patterns can run in families, but developing good sleep habits and routines from the start will help your baby to sleep through the night.

As your baby gets older they will be awake for longer periods of time during the day, and asleep for longer periods during the night. At 3 months your baby will still need around 15 hours of sleep a day, and by the age of 2 they will need 13 hours of sleep each day with one nap in the day lasting for around 90 minutes.

" I contacted Deearna for help with my little boy's (8 months old) sleeping. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. She gave us ideas for changing his routine and advice on how best to look after him to promote better sleep - this came after I thought I'd tried absolutely everything. The changes she suggested worked really well for us, and my little boy went from waking 10+ times a night to sleeping through, which felt like a miracle. We're all feeling the benefits. I can't thank Deearna enough. "

Kate - 8 month baby

Why Babies Sometimes Struggle With Settling

Around the age of 2 to 3 months your baby may have started to settle into a more predictable sleep pattern. Sleep problems can develop even in the best sleeper who has been sleeping through the night up until that point especially if he is teething, celebrating a milestone such as as rolling over or standing up, or going through a change of routine. There are a number of common reasons as to why your baby's sleep has changed. Between 3 and 4 months, 8 and 10 months, and again at 12 months babies will go through a phase called sleep regression. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A REGRESSION WE DON'T REGRESS WE PROGRESS - simply put your child's needs have now changed to what they were...

New babies get tired very easily especially if they've had a lot of stimulation. For some very determined and social older babies sleepiness is annoying and they'll start to cry when they are tired. Babies can move in and out of different states when they are drowsy; irritable, fussy, frustrated, crying, quietly alert, drowsy, active and quiet sleep. You can tell which state they are in by the noises they make and by the way they breath and move.

Ask me about my bath/bedtime routine suggestions.

" A cuddle before bed is key- your body naturally produces oxytocin - this is the feel good factor hormone, helps to relax you and will help to relax baby, this is also known referred to as "the cuddle hormone" so ensure you have a nice relaxing cuddle always before putting your baby or toddler down.
Did you know Melatonin which is the sleep hormone is released when the lights are dim and temperature drops, hence the importance of a good bath/bedtime routine and the importance of not stimulating at this point otherwise the reverse happens and cortisol is released which is the main stress hormone that is released when a baby is over tired, which then results in multiple wakeups/disturbances. "

A cuddle before bed is key

So how can I help you?

After an initial phone, home or Skype consultation I will devise a gentle plan for you to follow. I will personally be in contact with you daily, and you have access to call me anytime 24 hours a day - yes that’s correct, don’t sit and struggle in the middle of the night thinking you can’t disturb me, you certainly can. After all, sleep deprivation in the middle of the night is not fun so call me and let’s get you all back to sleep swiftly.

Depending on your parenting style I will guide you through a settling and routine to fit around your day. I do not advocate cry it out methods Instead I will teach you what the different cries mean.

I have packages starting from as little as £55 depending on your requirements. We also supply night nannies if you are looking for a full night’s respite. Please see our page on what a night nanny does.

​Packages start from £55 for a 35 minute phone consultation to assess your concerns. This will be followed up with a detailed email plan for you to follow, and a progress call will also be made.

Thank you for visiting my page to find out more or to get information on the other packages available, do please give me a call on 07771 660121 or please complete the following form

I look forward to hearing from you

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" I engaged Deearna as a sleep consultant for my triplets, she was amazing and within 3 days she had all babies going down at the same time and sleeping from 8pm - 6.30am. Deearna taught us about partial wakeups, none of the other consultants even mentioned this. We paid for a week package, and as Deearna had the babies who are 7 months sorted within 3 days she refunded the rest- amazing!"

Jenny, mum of 7 month old triplets

" Oh my God, what a wonderful woman and what a lifesaver! Deearna came to my home to help me sort out my 3 month old son Ridley's sleeping, as he never napped for more than 45 minutes in the day and was getting incredibly cranky and was also a fussy feeder. From the first moment Ridley met Deearna he beamed from ear to ear - she was like the baby whisperer! "

Lucy, mum of 12 week old

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