Welcome Home Pack

Many new parents have been ecstatic with our “Welcome home pack” and have said what was looking to be a daunting scary process of leaving hospital with a new baby has actually turned out a pleasure with the nurse accompanying them.

The maternity nurse will accompany you from the hospital to your home and remain with you for 3 days. During this period your nurse will show you how to care for your baby, feeding techniques, care of your breasts (if you are deciding to breastfeed) and care of bottles and sterilizing. She will also talk through any concerns or worries you may have with your new born, this may be how to set a routine in place, what different cries mean and many more areas of possible concern.

After your nurse has gone – many parents think “oh i wish i had asked that”, well you can at Deearna’s we will personally take your call and answer any concerns you may have after your nurse has gone.

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