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    Why Deearna’s?

    Deearna’s Maternity Agency is special for several reasons, the most significant of these is that Deearna is herself an accomplished maternity nurse and trainer, birth coach and baby carer with over 35 years experience in this field.

    It seems that whilst there are many maternity nurse and doula agencies out there, all but a select few have people running them that have had that personal exposure to hands-on maternity care. This puts Deearna in a privileged position in that she can utilize her own experience to enable a real understanding of the individual issues and choices that families face in bringing a new life into the world. Please click here to read our “Client Testimonials”.

    The highest Calibre of Maternity Specialists

    Combined with her own experience, Deearna has hand-picked and personally interviewed all of the healthcare specialists registered with her agency. All prospective Nurses and Doulas that wish to register with us are selected from the very highest level of maternity healthcare professionals. All candidates are thoroughly vetted for qualifications, and experience as well as CRB -Police records checked. Also their client references are contacted directly by us and are subject to on-going review to ensure consistent standards of excellence. Prospective Clients are also welcome (and encouraged) to check these references.

    The Personal Touch

    As part of our service Deearna will discuss with each individual client their specific needs and requirements. This will help if you’re not quite sure of the most appropriate type of maternity service for you, or if you would like to explore all the available options in more detail. Deearna will then put forward the most suitable candidates matched against these specific client requirements. In this way clients can get a bespoke service tailored to the individual needs of mum, baby and family circumstances.

    Consultations and Placements

    Deearna is also available for consultations and placements – have a read of some of the comments clients have made about Deearna’s here.


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