What are the booking arrangements and fees?

All Maternity Nurses will generally work for 5 nights during the week (6 nights by special arrangement) and go home at weekends or take time-off at the client’s home. If weekend cover is desired we can provide the client with a second maternity nurse to cover this time. Bookings can range from a single week to several months depending on individual Client needs. It is strongly recommended that Maternity Nurses are required to have a break of 1-2 days between each 5-6 day engagement.

All of our Maternity Nurses are Self-Employed and will have their own contracts that they enter into with clients. As maternity nurses are usually booked in advance, they will require a deposit to secure. The deposit amount will vary between Nurses and will also be determined on the service they are secured for. Maternity Nurses are often paid on a weekly basis. Experienced Maternity Nurses can expect to receive upwards of £700 per week, and the very best are often paid £1200/week and upwards.

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