Deearna’s Maternity Agency occasionally finds some very useful gems of wisdom that should be made available to every new parent.

Below is a list of links to information or services we think may come in useful:

Prince Clinic – Specialized Clinic for Children
The Prince Clinic offers a full range of paediatric services such as circumcisions, expatriate/travel vaccinations, allergy testing and treatment, seasonal diseases, etc. Appointment with specialist doctors are usually available within a few days. For more information please call 020 8783 990 or visit: Prince Clinic.

Chicken Pox – What are the best cures?

Teething – What do I suggest?

Headlice – I suggest you wash the hair and put some conditioner on leave this on for about 30mins comb through and wash off

Nappy rash in toddlers – small blisters – make sure you check this is definitely nappy rash and not the start of hand, foot and mouth, (not the same as foot and mouth) the symptoms would be running noses (this combined with sore bottom are also signs of teething) red palms of hands and soles of feet and small blisters

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